A Personal Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2021

Hello, I’m Sean and a warm welcome to my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate.

My review is straight from the heart, if you’re totally new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing or, like I was when I first came across Wealthy Affiliate, already involved but not making the money that you expected, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re serious about making a life-changing decision that will lead you to financial independence, i.e. you won’t need employment, then take time out to read my little story below.

Note: As with most things in life, reward is directly proportional to the amount of effort put in, e.g. you went to school/college/university for many years before you were able to earn your first buck. This is no different, with the exception that you should be earning your first income after three months.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 2015 as I had spent a number of years messing around trying to earn a buck or two on the Internet with very limited success. THAT has all changed since I found this gem ~ you will NOT find anything like it elsewhere for learning from scratch how to make money online!

So, you’re an individual wanting to or trying to do exactly what I was a few years ago. DON’T look any further, please trust me, this is my number one and only recommendation for earning good money from Home!

These EXACT Steps Took Me From A Side Hustle To Over $10,000+ Per Month!

The BEST bit? You can get access to it for free ~ no credit card required, no up-sells, no bull!

Here, in just 15 minutes of reading, I’m going to show you…

  • How you can make real money online (without the bullsh**)
  • How much money you can actually make online
  • How you can get all the best tools, training & support for free
  • How you can get started online shortly after you have read my article

Let me, first, tell you a bit about me.


My name is Sean Dougall, I’m in my 60’s, a Father of three, one Son and two Daughters and Grandfather to two (so far!). I spent 30 years in Automotive Manufacturing making a comfortable living keeping my Family secure but I didn’t have TOTAL satisfaction that I wanted in return for my efforts.

So, along comes the Internet, it grew on me as I used it for work and I, eventually, looked for a “side hustle” to work on from home.

Affiliate Marketing looked simple enough, advertise others products and rake in the commissions! Easy, eh?


But I persevered, for a number of years, I made enough one year to pay for the Kids Christmas presents ~ WOW!

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate, it is FREE to start, so what was there to lose, after all I had spent a small fortune on failed “cons” in the past! What I had found was a “take you by the hand and walk you through everything that you need to know and do to make good money online” training and Community.

Call it “Going Back to Prep School” for wannabe Internet Entrepreneurs. My “Kids” had their own lives (except for the need of the Bank of Dad!) and I put in as much of my spare time that I could towards this venture ~ I quickly saw that this would work for me!

Here’s the small ad that I saw (somewhere, I can’t remember now)…

I quickly became fed up of working the 9 to 5 routine and figured that there had to be more to life than just merely “getting by” living month to month, worrying about bills, can I afford this, can I afford that, my Children seemed to become MORE expensive. Wealthy Affiliate was constantly on my mind and the more I learned, the more I became convinced that “THIS is it!”

To my pleasant surprise, just a short 12 months into my Wealthy Affiliate online journey, I found myself earning more money than I was earning working full-time as a Programme Manager, and all from my home office! I even started to earn whilst I was asleep, how crazy is that?

Ok, I had a lot of spare time to crack on through the training as I was traveling and spending many nights a week in hotels. But if you just do one lesson a day, about an hour, you’ll do very well.

THAT is when I made the decision to leave my job altogether. I had a lot of grief from my wife, friends and colleagues but none of them really understood what I was doing ~ they wouldn’t listen to me either…… until they saw how my lifestyle changed!

These days I’m spending my time doing the things that I actually enjoy doing (despite Covid!) without needing to ask my boss for time off, without needing my spare time to recover from the ardour of long working days.

Having an online business has given me an amazing sense of freedom and I’m so glad that I made the decision to get started and kept with it.

I’m sure that you’ll have seen a lot of “gurus” online that claim their systems “…can make you lot’s of money without you really needing to do anything”. I now know that to be rubbish. They’re generally faceless, too!

The Wealthy Affiliate Community of Caring Experts!

That brings me on to the Wealthy Affiliate Community ~ over half a million and growing. Yes, half a million plus, I haven’t made a typo! If you want to talk directly with either of the two creators, Kyle and Carson, you can!

I have learned that making money online is definitely possible and that anybody can do it but you must be prepared to put in some work to make it happen ~ there’s no such thing as money for nothing.


Considering I had no experience before I got started, my online business has enabled me to achieve and do things I only dreamed were possible for me and my family.

So, right now you have the opportunity to get access to EXACTLY the same, step-by-step training that I have followed to build my income. If you’re ready to take action towards becoming successful online, then you too can create similar results for yourself with Wealthy Affiliate.

You don’t need to have technical knowledge and you definitely don’t need experience ~ you just need determination to follow the steps and take action on what you learn ~ that’s all that I have done and continue to do, that’s all you need to do.

Create Your Free Starter Account Now!

Now you’ll be asking, “How do you actually make money?” A great question and one that I can easily answer.

The way I make money is quite simple, I don’t sell anything and I don’t get involved in recruiting people into naff business opportunities who take up a lot of your valuable time and earn you nothing!

I simply create small, simple web pages that connect people with the products they are looking for online and I get paid handsome commissions in return ~ Affiliate Marketing.

Here’s an example. Say someone is looking for something on Google, if they click through one of my web pages and buy a product, I get paid a commission. Commissions vary but for some of the products people have purchased I’ve been paid over $500 from a single sale ~ without even speaking to anyone!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to do it, how to build simple websites, how to find the products to publicise and, most importantly, how to get ranked in the Search Engines.

Join Over 500,000 Others ~ Get Started Now For Free!

You can promote any product that you like, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to promote products in which you have a real interest ~ your Niche.

Nearly all of the big online companies, like Amazon, have programmes through which you can promote their products for commissions.

As an example, if you are interested in dogs, you could create a web page about dogs and promote dog related products. Or, if you’re interested in sports, you could create a web page about sports and promote sport related products.

The possibilities are endless!

There are over 2 billion people online at any one time, so if you’re thinking of something you are interested in but wondering whether or not you can actually make money with it, the answer is most definitely “YES” and probably lot’s of it too!

Pick An Interest, Start Creating Your First Web Page Now!

The possibility of a passive income…

One of the most awesome things about this method is that, once the web pages are created, they can keep earning you money, over and over, even in years to come without you having to do anything extra ~ that’s how I’ve been able to have so much free time. My PC is turned off, I go out without my Phone, I sleep and all the time I’m earning money.

It’s only going to get better too!

Over the coming years, the numbers of new people using the internet is set to keep on increasing, which means, if you get started now, you can make money from all of these new people who will be searching for things online.

The more web pages you create the more money you will be able to make, it is as simple as that! Essentially YOU are in control of how much you want to earn and it’s fun!

So how can you get started?

Go to Wealthy Affiliate now and start for free!

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will get access to a step-by-step training course that will teach you exactly how you can do everything I have told you about above.

On top, there is so much more inside Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a community for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to make money online. Everybody is so friendly inside and they are all on a similar journey. There’s no way you could ever be left to feel “stuck” because, if ever you need help, there is always somebody there, 24/7 to answer questions you might have.

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate free membership is that you can get started without paying anything at all, I’m not talking about some kind of “free trial” where you get charged if you forget to cancel, I’m talking about a completely free, life-long membership!

Building web pages with Wealthy Affiliate is easy. People can panic when I mention the bit about building web pages but the tools at Wealthy Affiliate make this VERY easy, even if you’ve NEVER done it before.

Plus, I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate, so you can chat with me in there directly. The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership, which is absolutely free and free forever includes:

  • Two Websites, including Web Hosting
  • Beginners Training Course
  • Ten Step-By-Step Lessons
  • Boot-camp Training
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • A really supportive Community

You can sign up for your FREE Membership here:

On top of the free membership, there is a paid for Premium Membership which comes with even more benefits so if you decide you like it inside Wealthy Affiliate you can upgrade at any time.

More about Premium another time, it’s a good idea to begin with the Starter Membership as, that way, you can try it out totally risk-free to see if you like it ~ no payment details are required, just your name and email will get you in for free.

Ready to start your online journey?

Here’s what you need to do right now:

Create Your Starter Account now and you will have immediate access to the training.

See you on the inside for your questions!


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