One Year Of Spare Time Invested To Get A Lifetime Of Income

This is to share with you what is possible at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). From the outset, please understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Look at it as a University, you give a one-year investment of your spare time and the return is a lifetime of income. The cost works out at about $1.50 (US) a day, so it won’t break the Bank!

If this sounds like something for you, read on. If not, then the best of luck with what you do choose.

Do Not Be Fooled

WA is not an overnight quick-fix to your finances or a quick route for you to jump ship from your employer.

You may already have been burned by all the fluff and hype that comes at you everyday on the internet.

Buy this. Do this. Make money without doing a thing, passive income. Just download and get the money with no effort.

I see them all the time, so I know. I’ve been burnt by them too, so don’t feel bad if you have been scammed, it’s a part of life.

WA isn’t anything like that.

Rolls Royce Round

You will have seen all the ‘guys and gals’ with their bling things, the fancy cars, the houses, the lifestyles, living it up and promising you that the same will happen to you if you give them your money.

WA isn’t anything like that.

This is serious business that requires serious effort from you, from day one and on days two, three… all the way up to 365.

A Different Lifestyle

When I started with WA in 2016, I was fed up, very fed up with trying this and that with little reward. Everything seemed to be tedious.

I wanted a different lifestyle to the nine-to-five back in 2007, when I first took internet marketing seriously. Sure, I earned enough to get by but that wasn’t the plan.

Clearing The Decks And Starting From Scratch

In hindsight, finding WA was more than a gift from on high, even though I was very unsure. I joined with a free Starter Membership, I needed to know if this was genuine or not.

Within my first month, I knew that it was unlike anything that I had ever encountered on the internet. Yet still cautious, I took the basic monthly Premium Membership, I could afford to lose that much, I’d spent hundreds on other stuff, so why not.

I knew of affiliate marketing, I’d given it a go and failed, but what I didn’t understand was the value of content and all of the other elements needed to master the internet.

By the end of the first ten lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course, I was very clear that WA is genuine and was exactly what I needed.

It was after month three that I made the annual investment and became totally committed.

A Tough First Year

The first year was not easy, I was dealing with all that comes with two of my three offspring deciding to marry and dealing with the other mundane chores of daily life.

But I made the sacrifice to invest the time required to learn how to build my online business. I didn’t expect it to happen quickly, I believed that if I followed the training and learned from the thousands of WA community members, I would be successful.

WA The Real Affiliate Marketer

Then Luck Came My Way

Well, I do not believe in luck. You have to earn luck, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Be prepared for it, otherwise you will miss out on the best opportunities.

Gradually, as I built out my online income streams, I started to see the brightest of futures.

It is not luck.

I studied and worked hard, I followed and contributed to the learning process and, as I write, all of my businesses are earning me income.

Give And You Will Receive

Wealthy Affiliate works, there is no doubt about that, but it will only work if you work it. The value of what you get is directly proportional to your effort, yours alone.

You mustn’t expect to start at WA and believe that things will magically happen for you overnight. You must do the work, you must put in the time.

If you remain committed and true to yourself, work diligently and consistently, great success will be come your way.

Commit to Wealthy Affiliate now, start laying the foundation today for your great success tomorrow.

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