Four Free Business Tools For Affiliate Marketers

There is a plethora of affiliate marketing tools from which you can choose to use within your business. I have tried dozens, possibly 100’s of them, a few that are brilliant and the rest a complete waste of time and money.

I’ve been doing this business for over eleven years, so I want to save you from the pitfalls, I don’t want to let you literally chuck your money down the pan, especially if your new to the industry.

So let’s get going!

1. Where to Start ~ Affiliate Marketing Training and Support

Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re looking for the best education at the most affordable cost, look no further. Seriously, there is no other option that you should be considering. After sixteen years operating as a training platform, there are masses of resources and over 1.5 million aspiring and very successful affiliate marketers with whom you can communicate.

You can get started completely free, which I highly recommend, with the starter membership, then as you get to see the value of Wealthy Affiliate, you can consider the Premium membership.

You’ll can find me in Wealthy Affiliate and thousands of other successful affiliate marketers who are just itching to help you on your journey.

2. Research ~ Niche, Keyword and Websites

It’s essential to be able to properly research keywords, niches and analyse websites, in fact it is a critical component of success in affiliate marketing. You need the right tools in place to do this and Wealthy Affiliate has the lot.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to Jaaxy Keyword Research. You will be able to cover all of your affiliate marketing research needs ~ keyword research, finding low competition keywords, finding and buying domains, managing keyword lists, analysing competition, affiliate programmes, brainstorm and idea generation and being able to track where you are ranked in all search engines.

You get to try it out with thirty searches under the free Wealthy Affiliate membership and it is completely free to use with the Premium membership.

Check out Jaaxy here.

3. Website Hosting and Management

Without a website you don’t have a business. As an affiliate marketer, you must carefully choose where you host your website. There are many from which to choose but they are not all the same.

There are many website hosting platforms that are completely free but they are generally not good enough for affiliate marketing. There is lots of advertising on free website hosts and they limit your ability as an affiliate marketer.

You really need to use Managed Hosting where you have access to proper support and hosting that provides speed, security and up time, all at no extra cost.

I use and recommend SiteRubix, the hosting platform within Wealthy Affiliate. Sign up to the free Wealthy Affiliate account and you get two free websites to use for your affiliate marketing business. As a Premium member, you get hosting for up to 50 websites.

Get your two free websites hosted on SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate.

4. Content Writing for the Internet

This is an area that is essential to affiliate marketing but can be the most daunting. How do I write about my niche in such a way that people will read it?

Firstly, you need to be in an environment that is conducive to writing, one that encourages and motivates you with proper goal setting. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamental to your affiliate marketing business and your content is the foundation to any successful SEO campaign.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a tool that is specially designed for this purpose, it’s called Site Content.

Try This Amazing Affiliate Platform For Free.

Wealthy Affiliate. The all-inclusive environment for creating, growing and managing your business is yours to use for free. With over 1.5 million users, Wealthy Affiliate is the most active community and platform for training, support and provides you with an environment where you can create partnerships, build a network of like-minded people and build a following.

I really do recommend that you, at the very least, set up a free starter membership. Get a taste of what is on offer, learn how to set up your first two free websites, you have nothing to lose yet so much to gain. I know, I’ve done it.

So that’s it, four essential tools to start you on your affiliate marketing career.

I’ll see you on the inside. Check out my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate.

I trust that you find this of great use and that you end up moving forward with your affiliate marketing venture. If you have any questions, please do leave a message below.


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