Domains – Your Piece Of Virtual Real Estate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get started by using a free “” domain on your first website. These domains can rank, but you want to consider owning your own piece of “virtual real estate” or domain.

Having your own .com, .org or .net domain comes with some major advantages.

1. An Asset You Own. When you purchase a domain, you own it. Nobody else can use it or take it from you.

2. Domains Increase in Value. As you build your website and your domain becomes well known, it will increase in value.

3. Domains Rank Better. Having your own domain will lead to better rankings in the search engines. This is a big deal.

These are only three of the main reasons and for the price of owning your very own domain, it is well worth it. Wealthy Affiliate is a Domain Registrar and, for its members, domain names are very competitively priced and don’t come with silly renewal fees!

You can get started by building your website on a Wealthy Affiliate free domain, say myniche.siterubix. Siterubix is the hosting platform that comes with WA membership.

Buying Your Own Domain

If your website is to be, say, and you like the brand that you have chosen, the first search for a domain would naturally be

The domain registration platform at Wealthy Affiliate allows you to instantly search for and purchase your very own domain.

I highly recommend that you choose the “.com” version of your domain, if available, as they do tend to rank the best. You can also purchase other variations of your ‘brand’ if you like, but it is not required.

In the case where your domain is not available, don’t worry as the other versions of the domain could be available. You could get a .org or a .net but it’s worth the search for a near match .com.

To get some ideas for an alternative, go to It is a completely free tool and is easy to use to come up with “brand worthy” domain name ideas.

You will probably find something like is available. You’d then go back to SiteDomains at Wealthy Affiliate, “Add to Cart”, purchase and it’s yours.

On top of really competitive domain prices, WA gives you free email accounts to match your domain, so you could have,, etc.

Notes for purchasing a domain.

#1: Don’t worry about keywords in your domain.

Keywords or how much traffic the keywords in your domain get do not matter. It is the content and individual pages/posts where will be targeting keywords and getting rankings.

When you choose a domain, it should be relevant but it needs to be something that is a brand that you like and that resonates with you. Remember, your domain is essentially the name of your business and it could be your successful brand many years from now.

#2: Aim to get a .com domain.

.com domains have a tendency to rank best, but as 2nd best you would want either a .net or .org domain. Avoid the out-of-the-ordinary domains (.cool, .reviews, .travel, .money, .co). These extensions are not proven and they definitely do not rank well in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

#3: Avoid “dashes” in your domain. is great. is not good, although they can still rank but not so well.

#4: Choose a “brandable” domain.

Be brandable and be as hip as you like. You want a domain that you love and that resonates with you. Remember, your domain is going to be the long term brand for your website and you have to like it.

Affiliate or Network or Multi-Level Marketer, you can learn to blog, build your own website with hosting included for the most competitive fees in the online world.

Join the best training platform on the Web at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to start, so why not?

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