Creating Keyword Rich Content

Creating Keyword Rich Content

Keywords are the foundation of all of your content. In this article, I am going to help you understand the process of creating awesome, keyword rich and high ranking content!

Understanding and learning how to choose the correct and effective keywords for your content, is going to vastly improve your chances of getting ranked in the search engines.

I’m going to talk you through taking a keyword and creating a post on your website from that specific keyword. I follow a simple and proven process of the content architecture and layout that will be really useful for you and help you become more proficient in your writing.

Your ultimate goal is to be able to write content with efficiency and to feel confident enough in your writing that you will be able to create content regularly on your website. More content leads to higher rankings, which leads to more traffic to your site and, ultimatley, more potential revenue for your opportunity.

Content Consistency Leads to Authority

As you establish your website and as you create content regularly, the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) will start to assign authority to your website. This is a key objective in your writing.

Authority leads to improved rankings which, in turn, lead to traffic and revenue opportunity.

In effect, this is SEO in a nutshell, so it’s important that you get a good grasp of keyword rich content. You will have a competitive edge over competing websites in your niche because you understand this point.

Choose Your Target Keyword

So your first task is going to be choosing the target keyword for your post, a particular keyword is going to be the focal point of your article and relevant to your niche.

Every page and post you create on your website will have a target keyword. If you’re not aiming to get rankings in search engines with your content, your efforts will be in vain, you will get little or no results in terms of traffic to your website.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are Four Free Business Tools For Affiliate Marketers that will assist you, including the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

In choosing a keyword, it is vital that it is relevant to your niche, it has over 30 average searches (according to the Jaaxy keyword reserch tool), less than 100 QSR/Competition and makes grammatical sense.

As you build your website with relevant content, you are providing your website visitors of a more comprehensive experience and presenting yourself as more of an “authority” or “expert” in your niche.

As you create each post/article, you are increasing your chances of being ranked in the search engines and, consequently, traffic to your website.

In the case of my website and article here, I have chosen the keyword “Creating Keyword Rich Content” as the data I was able to obtain from Jaaxy met the criteria above.

Create Your Article Outline

To simplify things for you, Wealthy Affiliate has created a template that will help you with your keyword rich content-type posts. The template is in a content editor that gives you a content structure for your post, offering clarity and allowing you to post straight to your hosted blog.

Whatsmore, the content editor will display a notification for when your article is indexed on Google!

You will see in the editor that there are writing goals built into the template. These include a 1,000 word target, 6 paragraphs and 5 headings, all of which are automaticall counted for you.

These will be the minimums for your posts, you can write until your heart’s content but, remember, you need to keep your reader’s attention. Wealthy Affiliate training walks you through creating an article using the content editor.

Write Your Article

Next, you need to “bulk out” your content, this requires four main components:

1. Keyword in Title. The keyword should be somewhere within the title of your post. The title should also be captivating and not just your keyword. You can see my title here and how I included my target keyword, “Keyword” within it.

2. Keyword in the First Paragraph. You should aim to write your keyword somewhere within the first or second paragraph of your content. See how I have included it at the top of this post.

As you are writing your content, create smaller paragraphs. It is very difficult to read large blocks of text on tech devices, keeping your paragraphs smaller leads to ease of readability.

3. Use Relevant & Captivating Headlines. You want a minimum of five headlines and you want your headlines to be directly relevant to what you are going to write about.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. You know your audience and you are in control of your content. Write headlines that tell people what you are going to talk about in the upcoming section, it’s as simple as that.

4. Write the Rest of Your Content Naturally. Don’t “stuff” keywords through your post/article. Keep “on topic” with your overall keyword theme that you are targeting, then you are naturally going to write relevant content and the search engines will love you.

This is the basic criteria that you should follow as you write your content. Don’t want you to do is overthink the writing process, let it flow, you want to be natural and at the core of all the content you create on your website, your focus should be helping and informing people.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have met all of the goals as displayed by the Wealthy Affiliate content editor.

WA Content Editor Counter
I’ve written a little more than the 1,000 words but that is great. Always write your content until you get the point across, don’t leave the reader “hanging” just because you have hit the word count target. If your point is made at 850 words, that is ok, if it is 2,400 words that is great too. Aim to be thorough and offer your audience the best experience as possible with your content.

Publish Article to Your Websites

The last step is going to be to publish your article to your website. As I have explained above, the Wealthy Affiliate content editor allows you to post straight to your blog, it even does a grammar/spelling chack and scans the web to ensure that your content is unique.

So, now you have the knowlege to create your first “keyword rich” post and the foundation for your business is up and running!

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and it’s not some sort of pathetic free trial, you can start your online business for nothing whilst benefiting from a lot of the basic training.

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