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This is my invitation to you to join the best Affiliate Marketing training platform on the Web!
I say that confidently as I have been with WA since August 2015, everything that I know about successful Internet Marketing through Blogging and Websites has been learnt here.
You learn at your own speed, the Community is great.
Take the no commitment FREE trial – no credit card, no up-sells, build two websites, it’s called “Wealthy” for a reason!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Typically, there are three parties involved in the process:

1. The manufacturer/provider
2. The affiliate: The affiliate is you and me
3. The consumer: The customer who buys the product or service

The “company” (manufacturer/provider) allocates a unique “affiliate link” to you, you place this link in your advertising/blog/social media and, when a customer buys after clicking on your link, you get a commission!

The diagram on the left breaks the process down into further steps, you and I are at the top and, in reality, that is the only position that we get involved in during the whole purchasing cycle.

So our focus, as an affiliate marketer, is to drive traffic to our website and that is where the very comprehensive training at Wealthy Affiliate comes in to play.

Remember that affiliate marketing is like running a marathon, lots of preparation, training and patience. It’s not a sprint!

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Are you a content creator or influencer with a growing audience? Are you a lifestyle brand, e-commerce store or small business looking to drive more sales? Are you an individual looking for an alternative to traditional income generating methods, i.e. employment?

Whichever you may be, affiliate marketing is a safe bet for the 2020’s and beyond. Here’s how to get started.

i. Like anything in life, if you want to do something, you have to learn ~ you went to school, didn’t you? The best place that I know of and highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. Why? I’ve tried a lot of different programmes over the years and WA is the only one from which I have mad and continue to make a solid, regular income.

ii. You’re already a content creators but not making a money from your efforts. To get the ball rolling, sign up for the free Wealthy Affiliate account. You will quickly learn how to monetise your blog and, when it comes to affiliate marketing, how to find products relevant to your topics.

iii. Stores and manufacturers. If you already have a product or service ready for sale, you can start by promoting your offerings from the teaching at Wealthy Affiliate, then launch your own affiliate programme to promote your product/service. Affiliate marketers can hasten the process of putting you in contact with new customers on a global basis.

Join Us, You’ll Be Very Welcome!

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