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So, welcome to my personal website in which you can get to know me, understand what I do and how I can help you generate income from the internet through Affiliate Marketing.


I was born in 1956, my Dad was an Army Chaplain and my Mum a Piano Teacher. Dad served with the Parachute Brigade in various conflicts during the 1950’s. As part of his service, we spent time in a number of overseas locations which, at the time, were considered to be “luxurious”! Throughout my early childhood, we moved a number of times with the military. In 1969, my Dad was posted to Germany and he took full advantage of being located on the European mainland, we traveled extensively during school breaks. I owe a lot to my childhood as it was much more than many young people got to experience in those days.

My early education was unsettled! Like many military children of the time, I went to boarding school and The Methodist College, Belfast, was my fifth school by the age of nine. I didn’t enjoy it as, apart from being separated from my folks, Belfast was a dangerous place to live during the late sixties and early seventies. My academic achievements were driven by an enthusiastic set of staff, as were my sporting activities. The combination produced a well-rounded individual and I went on to further education.

I studied Mechanical Engineering in Portsmouth and was able to ‘win’ a sponsorship from a commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Guildford. After my graduation in 1980, I joined “Dennis” in the export sales departments. Plural is deliberate as Dennis is a worldwide brand. The combination of working in an industry that I loved and traveling to many new parts of the world, I was in my element. But it all came to a shattering end in 1984 when the business was liquidated. This resulted in me moving to Gloucester, again to work in specialist vehicle manufacturing and technical sales.

This was an excellent career move as I got the opportunity to move into management and get formal training in the discipline. Traveling was still very much part of my role and I found dealing with the many cultural differences that I encountered came naturally. My childhood certainly had prepared me for these situations. Formalising my learning has always been important to me and, following the minor stroke that I had in 2010, it wasn’t hard for me to retrain in the use of the digital world to make my living.


It’s very simple, I get a huge amount of personal satisfaction from it! I don’t look for praise, I am quite shy in that regard, I look for a contented smile in others and a sigh of relief when I have helped in solving a problem. Affiliate Marketing is an area that I migrated into during my search for a less traditional career during the mid-naughties, a “side hustle” as it’s called, and I soon found that I could ditch employment and become self-employed. My life is much richer, content and, best of all, I have much more time to myself! I want to help you achieve the same.


1) Purpose – to tell you about how I have stepped away from the traditional ways of generating income and how I have a much better lifestyle. I’m not rich in financial terms but I am rich in satisfaction. By sharing my experience with you and demonstrating that “it can be done”, I want you to give serious thought to making the changes that I have and shrug off the day-to-day worries of relying on an employer.

2) Goal – we are conditioned, from an early age, to accept that life is about schooling, further education, career/employment and retirement. That was exactly how I was brought up, my parents lived through the back end of the great depression, the second world war, post-war recession and living, literally, from day-to-day! My brothers and I were encouraged to get well educated, get good jobs and save for the future so that we would be comfortable and secure. I have consciously moved away from that path because of the opportunity to do so as I want to live today without concern for my long-term security. I’m well along that path and I want to share the same with you.

3) Opportunity – it’s here for you, like me, start with setting aside a few hours each week to generate income on a part-time basis. It’s like dipping your toe and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Don’t get concerned about risk, you can get started for less than the cost of a family meal in a good restaurant! I often hear, “…but everybody is doing it.”! No they’re not, there is a huge market out there. Imagine that you are sitting in Wembley Stadium at full capacity, 90,000 people. Relative to the whole number of those seated, the number of people working in this industry is equivalent to the two people sitting either side of you!

If nothing else, enjoy your visit here, I don’t push anything, it’s either for you or it isn’t. Contact me if you have any questions, I’m really happy to help.

All the best,


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